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1:   I found a list of ten current viruses. I am only going to talk about a few of them though. The first one I want to discuss is a trojan virus called Banker.CTD. It was number ten on the list but it showed the biggest threat level out of the list. This virus sits on certain bank websites and steals people’s passwords and then sends them to the email address of the person who put this virus on the website. It can only spread with the help of a person who transports it to various targets. The next virus is the Bifrose.KV  virus which is a backdoor virus. It is used to allow access into a secure network without having to go through the security procedures and checks that most computers go through to access it. This is another virus that needs a person to transport it from target to target in order to move around. Finally, there is the Nimrod.B virus which is a worm type of virus. Its purpose is to spread and destroy data. It is a worm so it constantly replicates itself to spread. This virus can only spread in a limited area by itself though. If you want it to infect another computer, you need to move it there yourself.


2: There are a couple of key components to a good backup plan.For instance, you need your important files to be stored a separate device from your computer because if your computer crashes you will lose the data on the computer and your files will be gone. The whole point of a backup plan is to prevent this. Another key component is having your backup storage device be able to hold a lot of data because over time you will be adding to it. You should also have your backup storage device be located somewhere other than where your computer is. The reason for this is that if your house burns down taking your computer with it than your important files are safe because the backup storage device was not in the house. You can also have two backup storage devices and put one in the house while the other is somewhere else. These are the key components that I am mainly concerned about.


3:We are going to talk about backup systems and on how they differ and how they are complimentary. A fault tolerance system is all about giving a computer system many of the same parts or in other words redundancy. For example if the CPU crashes, you will not have a problem because your computer will have another CPU to take its place. UPSs are systems which give your computer power when there is a blackout and your computer loses power. This helps you to save what you are doing and safely shut down your computer in case of a blackout. The Raid disk system helps you to store your important data in many different places by putting all your data on to a bunch of different hard disks. Their differences should seem obvious from this because they all do different things even though their overall purpose is to help you protect and backup your files. These backup systems are complimentary because they each help backup your files but they do so against specific threats like hardware failure or power failure.


IT 236


4:One of the first recommendations I would share is to “Make sure that the purpose of the site is instantly noticeable”. When the user gets on the page they should be able to tell right away why the site is there. Next I would recommend to “enhance the page load time and make them fast”. When users visit a website they do not want to wait a long time for the page to load. A couple of ways in which this can be done is to translate images from formats like PNG or JPEG into Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) to shrink their size dramatically, as well as make them more portable across different display devices and screen sizes. Convert large images into a lower-quality format, such as using a more-compressed JPEG encoding scheme. This is juts a couple of ways to enhance the page load time. Last I would recommend to “Make sure that captions are provided for each audio or video file used“. “Captions allow the content of web audio and video to be accessible to those who do not have access to audio. Though captioning is primarily intended for those who cannot hear the audio, it has also been found to help those that can hear audio content, those who may not be fluent in the language in which the audio is presented, those for whom the language spoken is not their primary language, etc” (“WebAIM: Captions, Transcripts, and Audio Descriptions,” 2013).


5:Usability a very important part of creating a website just as the designs are. A usable website is user friendly, easy to read, it is quick, and it make users come back. When someone visit a website they should be able to navigate easily, know where to find information they are interested in, and the text should be readable and organized. “Visuals play important role in web content design and in website usability strategy, too. Users feel more comfortable to view pages with much visual content. It gives more information faster and it is more exciting, besides that it is catchy” (Blake, 2014).


6: Usability is what will make a website a success or a flop. If a visitor is having difficultly with the site, they will just move on which could mean a loss sale or customer or for a nonprofit organization, a loss donation or volunteer. The recommendations I have set for myself are accessibility- are the right key words in place to make the website easy for the target audience to find? Appearance- is the site’s content up to date and relevant to the purpose of the site? Are the graphics used, interesting? Are the links easy to find and understand? Navigation –  is the visitor able to get from one page to the next easily? Usability is key to success of a website so the site actually needs to be viewed from the users side and look at with the  perspective of “would I come back to this site if I was the visitor”.

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