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Please provide an image or URL per the instructions.  Audience, Marketing Goals, Communication Objectives —   You didn’t provide the proposed audience for the ad.    Also, you didn’t identify clearly the proposed marketing and communication goals.  This is a critical component of the assignment in that without this, you can’t tie in the evaluations and justify the recommendations.    Be sure to consider and discuss the marketing goals for the ad.  Does the brand seem to want higher sales revenue?  Higher sales volume?  Are they breaking into a new market?  Are they trying to solidify their current market?  When you provide the communication goals of the ad, be specific.  Is the ad made to inform?  If so, of what?  To remind?  To persuade?  To connect?  Be specific.  For whom is the ad created?  Is there a different purpose for each audience?  Even though you may not know for certain, it’s helpful to have this clearly in mind as you evaluate the various design elements and their usage/portrayal.  Descriptions  Your description needs more focus on visual imagery design elements.  From the readings, you should have been able to identify a number of design elements (color, line, background, texture, framing, visual hierarchy, contrast, hue, saturation, etc.) that would be relevant to this ad.  Then, spend more time describing the ad in terms of the design elements.  As noted in the template (in bold and italics near the top), “you should write at least several sentences to a full paragraph for each cell entry.”  Evaluations  Provide an evaluation of the design element from your own perspective.  There will be no need to cite research (particularly academic research that is not focused on design elements) in any of these evaluations.  This is your thoughts on how the elements, as portrayed, will help or hinder the achievement of the marketing and communication goals.  Recommendations  You have some interesting recommendations, but they need to be justified by explaining how changes to some aspect of the elements would result in better communication and a higher likelihood of meeting the marketing and communication goals.



When English author Edward Bulwer-Lytton wrote in 1839 that “the pen is mightier than the sword,” it’s doubtful he knew that keyboards, memes, GIFs, emojis, YouTube comments, tweets, etc. would overtake pens via keyboards, smart phones, thumb-typing, swiping, and voice-to-text.  Nevertheless, his point is still valid today (talk about evergreen marketing communication).

The written word is indeed powerful.  And for marketers, it’s a great way to communicate, particularly in a static environment where auditory voice isn’t technologically available.  Static written text can be used to present information about a product, brand, organization, and/person in an effort to achieve the classic marketing communication goals such as informing, reminding, persuading, and connecting.

Good marketers know, however, that it’s not just the words you use, but how you use them.  When we assess static text, we have to assess it from several perspectives:  (1) its imagery, (2) its content, and (3) its rhetorical value.  We do this always within the context of the communication and hopefully with knowledge of the intent of the communicator and the audience for which it’s intended.

Imagery – The imagery of static text refers to how it looks from a visual design perspective.  This includes the font type, letter size, spacing (kearning, word spacing, leading (Links to an external site.)), color, background, styling, and virtually any other elements of visual design.

Content – Text content refers to what is said.  What are the words being used?  How much text is present?  What is the information contained within the text?  Content can be presented in a variety of writing styles, tones, voices, etc., as well as in a variety of visual imagery representations. 

Rhetorical Value – Rhetoric is the study of writing (and speaking) effectively, typically as a means of persuasive communication.  Those who examine the rhetorical value of written work often refer to ethos, logos, and pathos (go back and study Aristotle for more on this).  Ethos relies on the credibility or authority of the writer.  Logos uses facts and figures to appeal to the logic and reasoning of the audience.  Pathos uses passion and storytelling to appeal to the emotions of the audience.

As you work through the element assessment for the static text format, consider at least one element from each of imagery, content, and rhetorical value in order to get a more complete understanding of how your target ad meets its goals of informing, reminding, persuading, and/or connecting.   ~Miyazaki


  • Be sure to focus your Element Assessment only on the static text portion of the ad.  The “marketing communication” must be designed to communicate a message for a particular brand, product, organization/company, etc., and must use static text as the primary communication format.  If a list of ads is provided, be sure to select your ad from the list.

BELOW are a few resources that may help you through this: 


50 Rhetorical Devices for Rational Writing

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