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The topic I pick was Nursing home you can pick which one you prefer to write 

Introduction A.    B.    C.    D.    What  are  the  major  forces  affecting  the  delivery  of healthcare  today?  Discuss  these  forces  and  their  corresponding  impacts  on  today’s  healthcare environment. Impact  of  Forces:  What  healthcare  service  and  delivery  opportunities and  challenges  exist  because  of  the  forces  discussed  above?  Define  the challenges  and  opportunities  that  exist  for  today’s  healthcare  leaders. Opportunities:  Based  on  your analysis  of  the  major  forces,  impacts,  and  opportunities  provided,  consider  the  specific  organization  that  you selected.  What  opportunities  exist  for  this  organization,  and  how  do  these  opportunities  relate  to  the  big-picture  view  of  healthcare? Proposal:  What  is  your  proposal  for addressing  identified  issues  or  improvements  within  your  organization?  In  other  words,  what  changes  are you  trying  to  incorporate  in  your selected  organization? Financial  and  Budgetary  Considerations A.    B.    C.     Financial  Statements:  What  financial  statements  will  you  utilize  in  making  your proposal,  and  how  will  you  use  these  statements? Proposal  Impact:  What  impact  will  your proposal  have  on  the  organization’s  financial  statements?  Articulate  the  impact  using  appropriate terminology. Flexed  Versus  Fixed:  How  would  your  proposal  be  different  if  using  a  flexed  budget  versus  a  fixed  budget?  In  other  words,  how  would  the  use  of one  type  of  budget  versus  the  other  impact  your  proposal,  and  how  would  your  proposal  impact  the  budget?  (Evaluate  the  differences  between a fixed  and  a  flexed  budget.) Proposal  Justification A.    B.    C.     Ratio  Selection:  What  ratios  will  you  use  to  support  your  proposal and  why?  Select  the  ratio  or  ratios  that  would  be  the  most  appropriate. Ratio  Results:  Calculate  the  selected  ratios  and  articulate  the  results  using  accurate  terminology. What  do  the  results  tell  you  about  the  viability of  your  proposal? Short-  and  Long-Term  Impact:  Based  on  your  calculations  and  financial  statement  analysis,  determine  the  short-term  and  long-term  impact  on the  organization  and  the  organization’s  financials.  What  is  the  short-term  and  long-term  financial  impact  of  your  proposal  for  the  organization? How can  you  plan  to  strategically  mitigate  the  impact  on  the  financials  of  the  company,  or  how  will  your  proposal  help  inform  strategic  planning in  the  short  and  long  term? Closing  Statement/  Conclusion A.    B.    Added  Value:  What  value  will  your proposal  add  to  the  organization?  Justify  the  value  or  improvement  your  proposal  will  add  for the organization,  in  consideration  of  trends in  healthcare. Justification  of  Proposal:  How  appropriate  is  your  proposal  based  on  your financial analysis?  Justify  your  proposal  based  on  the financials and budgetary  considerations.  If  you  feel  that  your proposal is not  appropriate  given  your analysis,  explain  why,  with  support  of  your  reasoning. 

Your  proposal  report  should  answer  the  following  prompt:  Considering  the  major  forces  in  healthcare  today,  what  improvements  or  changes  would  you  propose for  your  selected  organization?  How  would  your  proposal add  value  to  the  organization, and  what  impact  would  your  proposal  have  in  terms  of  the  financial  and budgetary  considerations? 

The  final  project  for this  course  is the  creation  of  a  written  proposal. While  healthcare  organizations differ  greatly,  managers in  various  departments  in  organizations  must  propose  changes  to  processes,  the  purchase  of  new equipment,  the  addition  of  employees,  and  many  other  changes  to  executives  and  boards  to  obtain  approval.  For this  course,  you  will  place  yourself in  the  role  of a  manager  in  an  organization  of  your  choice.  You  are  tasked  with  creating  a  written  proposal  that  will  add  value  to  an  organization  and  will  impact  the budget. This  may  come  in  the  form  of adding  updated  equipment,  changing  a  process  to  become  more  streamlined,  and  so  on.  You  will  be  submitting  your  proposal  to your instructor,  who  will  be  playing  the  roles  of  CEO  and  budgetary  board,  for  consideration.  This  assessment  will  require  you  to  defend  your  proposal in  terms  of the  value  added  and  the  financial  impacts  to  the  organization, as  you  would  need  to  in  the  real  world. You  will  select  your  organization  from  the  following  site  to  ensure  that  sufficient  financial  information  is  available  for  consideration: .  You  can  look  for  companies  by  selecting  the  ‘most  recent  filings’  link  and  then  search  for  a  healthcare  or biotech  company.  You  must  confirm  with  your  instructor that  the  topic  or  area  of  interest  of  your proposal  will  allow  you  to  sufficiently  answer  all  of  the  questions in  the  prompt  below.  You  also  have  the  option  of  selecting  your  place  of  employment,  within  healthcare,  as  approved  by  your  instructor. The  project  is divided  into  four  milestones,  which  will  be  submitted  at  various points  throughout  the  course  to  scaffold  learning  and  ensure  quality  final submissions.  These  milestones  will  be  submitted in  Modules  Two,  Three,  Four,  and  Six.  The  final  project  will  be  submitted  in  Module  Seven. In this  assignment,  you  will  demonstrate  your  mastery  of  the  following  course  outcomes:   Articulate  key  managerial  accounting  principles in  healthcare  using  appropriate  terminology   Determine financial  impacts in  healthcare  by  analyzing  major  forces  affecting  the  delivery  of  health  services   Utilize  financial  statements  to  inform  short-  and  long-term  strategic  planning   Craft high-level  proposals  that  address  budgeting  consideration  by  justifying  spending  for healthcare  serviceserviceservice

Guidelines for Submission: Your written proposal should be long enough to sufficiently cover all necessary material, including key budgetary information and any external resources used in preparation; however, the number of pages is less important than the content and organization of the report. Your proposal should be organized logically, as it will be used to convince your supervisor and budgetary board (your instructor) to approve your changes.


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