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Question 1 (1 point) Question 1 Unsaved
The Taft-Hartley Act amended the Wagner Act by addressing employers’ concerns in terms of specifying unfair union labor practices.

Question 1 options:TrueFalse
Question 2 (1 point) Question 2 Unsaved
Any organizational guarantee or promise about job security may constitute an implied employment contract.

Question 2 options:TrueFalse
Question 3 (1 point) Question 3 Unsaved
The cost of employee benefits to organizations has remained stable over the last thirty years.

Question 3 options:TrueFalse
Question 4 (1 point) Question 4 Unsaved
An activity whereby a company keeps informed of its employees’ activities is called employee assessment.

Question 4 options:TrueFalse
Question 5 (1 point) Question 5 Unsaved
The beginning of equal employment opportunity is usually attributed to the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Question 5 options:TrueFalse
Question 6 (1 point) Question 6 Unsaved
A defined contribution plan is a type of retirement program whereby each employee has an individual account to which both the employee and the employer may make contributions.

Question 6 options:TrueFalse
Question 7 (1 point) Question 7 Unsaved
The Family and Medical Leave Act permits employees in firms of 100 or more employees to take up to 12 weeks of paid leave for family or medical reasons.

Question 7 options:TrueFalse
Question 8 (1 point) Question 8 Unsaved
Adverse impact is a consequence of an employment practice that results in a greater rejection rate for the majority group than for a minority group.

Question 8 options:TrueFalse
Question 9 (1 point) Question 9 Unsaved
Transportation is the least unionized private sector of the U.S. workforce.

Question 9 options:TrueFalse
Question 10 (1 point) Question 10 Unsaved
A defined benefit plan is a retirement program that pays retiring employees a fixed retirement income based on average earnings over a period of time.

Question 10 options:TrueFalse
Question 11 (1 point) Question 11 Unsaved
The Privacy Act of 1974 requires federal government agencies to make available information in an individual’s personnel file.

Question 11 options:TrueFalse
Question 12 (1 point) Question 12 Unsaved
Changes to the workplace that allow qualified workers with disabilities to perform their jobs are called organizational workplace activities.

Question 12 options:TrueFalse
Question 13 (1 point) Question 13 Unsaved
In the United States, employees average 10 paid holidays per year.

Question 13 options:TrueFalse
Question 14 (1 point) Question 14 Unsaved
Job evaluation is the process whereby an organization systematically establishes its compensation program.

Question 14 options:TrueFalse
Question 15 (1 point) Question 15 Unsaved
The Fair Labor Standards Act established laws outlining minimum wage, overtime pay, and maximum hour requirement for most U.S. workers.

Question 15 options:TrueFalse
Question 16 (1 point) Question 16 Unsaved
Social Security is an example of a voluntary benefit.

Question 16 options:TrueFalse
Question 17 (1 point) Question 17 Unsaved
A Bona fide occupational qualification refers to job requirements that are “reasonably necessary to meet the normal operations of that business or enterprise”.

Question 17 options:TrueFalse
Question 18 (1 point) Question 18 Unsaved
Grievance procedures are usually designed to have disputes resolved at the lowest level possible in an organization.

Question 18 options:TrueFalse
Question 19 (1 point) Question 19 Unsaved
The Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1971 requires an employer to notify job candidates of its intent to check into their credit.

Question 19 options:TrueFalse
Question 20 (1 point) Question 20 Unsaved
Intrinsic rewards are rewards one gets from the employer, usually money, a promotion, or benefits.

Question 20 options:TrueFalse

Question 21 (2 points) Question 21 Unsaved
International compensation packages, referred to as a balance sheet, contain all of the following categories except

Question 21 options:Base pay.Differentials.Incentives.Assistance programs.Golden parachute.
Question 22 (2 points) Question 22 Unsaved
Which of the following has a lower unionization rate than the United States?

Question 22 options:BelgiumCanadaFranceSpainMexico
Question 23 (2 points) Question 23 Unsaved
Discipline should be immediate, provide ample warning, be consistent, and be impersonal. This statement describes which disciplinary rule?

Question 23 options:Hot stove ruleProgressive disciplineEmployee assistanceSeverity of infractionErgonomics
Question 24 (2 points) Question 24 Unsaved
Ted, an HR executive, is attending a conference.  Topics include specific mentoring assignments for potential executive candidates, job options that enhance promotion potential for traditionally underrepresented candidates, and the value of diversity at all levels of an organization. What is the conference focus?

Question 24 options:Comparable worthGlass ceilingAdverse impactWork equivalenciesDisparate impact
Question 25 (2 points) Question 25 Unsaved
Which of the following is included in Retirement benefits?

Question 25 options:Pension Benefit Guaranty CorporationSummary plan descriptionFlexible Spending AccountsEmployee Retirement Income Security ActMoney Purchase Pension Plan
Question 26 (2 points) Question 26 Unsaved
Safety and health is part of which primary HRM activity?

Question 26 options:LeadingMotivationStaffingMaintenanceTraining and development
Question 27 (2 points) Question 27 Unsaved
Which training and development activity focuses on system-wide changes?

Question 27 options:Employee developmentEmployee trainingCareer developmentSystem developmentOrganization development
Question 28 (2 points) Question 28 Unsaved
How many times are substance abusers more likely to miss work than employees who are not substance abusers?

Question 28 options:Twice5 times10 times20 times30 times
Question 29 (2 points) Question 29 Unsaved
Joe works for a large service organization. Last year, they paid nothing for authorized baby immunizations for their children. The children receive well-child pediatric care for $5 a visit. Joe complains that although the costs are reasonable, the family has to go the Local Clinic for all of their nonemergency care. What kind of health insurance does Joe have?

Question 29 options:TraditionalHMOPPOHBOCOBRA
Question 30 (2 points) Question 30 Unsaved
Which of the following provides the best description of downsizing?

Question 30 options:An activity aimed at cutting jobs by incrementally improving the quality of products and services.An activity that involves linking staffing levels to organizational goals.An activity aimed at creating greater efficiency by eliminating certain jobs.An activity aimed at cutting jobs by sending work “outside” the firm to be done by individuals not employed with the firm.
Question 31 (2 points) Question 31 Unsaved
Which of the following best describes ERISA?

Question 31 options:Law that provides some health insurance coverage through the federal Medicare program.Established the requirement that companies offering traditional health insurance to its employees must also offer alternative health-care options.Law passed in 1974 designed to protect employee retirement benefits.Law that requires organizations with 50 or more employees to provide eligible employees the opportunity to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave each year for family or medical reasons.Law that provides for continued employee benefits up to three years after an employee leaves a job.
Question 32 (2 points) Question 32 Unsaved
Which of the following sectors has the union membership?

Question 32 options:AgricultureConstructionGovernmentWholesale TradeMining
Question 33 (2 points) Question 33 Unsaved
Which of the following best describes the Landrum-Griffin Act?

Question 33 options:Act that was introduced to protect union members from possible wrongdoing on the part of their unions.Amended the Wagner Act by addressing employers’ concerns in terms of specifying unfair union labor practices.Law passed to eliminate any influence on unions by members of organized crime.Replaced the Executive Order 11491 as the basic law governing labor relations for federal employees.Gave employees the right to form and join unions and to engage in collective bargaining.
Question 34 (2 points) Question 34 Unsaved
Which of the following best describes the point method?

Question 34 options:Evaluating jobs based on pre-determined job grades.Gathering factual data on pay practices among firms within specific communities.Ordering job worth from highest to lowest.Breaking down jobs based on identifiable criteria and the degree to which these criteria exist on the job.A pay scale showing ranges of pay within each grade.
Question 35 (2 points) Question 35 Unsaved
Which of the following is a type of defined contribution plan?

Question 35 options:Roth IRAsMoney purchase pension plan.A summary plan description401(k)sIndividual retirement accounts
Question 36 (2 points) Question 36 Unsaved
Which of the following is a non-exempt employee under the FLSA?

Question 36 options:A lawyer in a large corporationA general manager in a manufacturing companyA health aide in a hospitalA middle level executive in a bankAn accountant in a pharmaceutical company
Question 37 (2 points) Question 37 Unsaved
Two U.S. government agencies are primarily responsible for enforcing equal employment opportunity laws. They are:

Question 37 options:The U.S. Office of Employment Effectiveness and the Bureau of National Legal Enforcement.The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs.The Bureau of National Legal Enforcement and the National Employment Bureau d) The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs and the National Employment Bureau.
e) The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the National Employment Bureau.
Question 38 (2 points) Question 38 Unsaved
David conducts new employee orientation for a large organization. His work is within which basic HRM function?

Question 38 options:ManagementMotivationCareer planningHRISTraining and development
Question 39 (2 points) Question 39 Unsaved
Workplace romances could lead to all of the following :

Question 39 options:Breeches of ethicsAccusations of favoritismHigh employee moraleLow productivityWorkplace violence
Question 40 (2 points) Question 40 Unsaved
A situation in which an employee notifies authorities of wrongdoing in an organization is called __________________________.

Question 40 options:Progressive discipline.Honesty assessment.Workplace security reviewEmployee monitoring.Whistle-blowing
Question 41 (2 points) Question 41 Unsaved
A large university has 40 campuses around the state.  Each site has courses taught, but the HRM functions of hiring, recruiting, and benefits are all done from a single campus location. This situation is an example of ___.

Question 41 options:shared servicesoutsourcingoffshoringtelecommutingtechnology shift
Question 42 (2 points) Question 42 Unsaved
Research studies suggest that

Question 42 options:honesty tests are not reliable.honesty tests are very expensive to administer.a small number of companies in the United States are using honesty tests to screen applicants.honesty tests can be effective devices to screen applicants.honesty tests are not valid.
Question 43 (2 points) Question 43 Unsaved
Which of the following is a type of union security arrangement?

Question 43 options:Union shopAgency shopOpen shopFederal Mediation and Conciliation ServiceDues Check off
Question 44 (2 points) Question 44 Unsaved
HRM typically provides which of these types of training to temporary employees?

Question 44 options:Retirement planningBenefits optionsOrientationCareer planning and managementTechnology certification
Question 45 (2 points) Question 45 Unsaved
The Fair Labor Standards Act covers which of these categories?

Question 45 options:Prevailing wageChild laborReasonable accommodationRankingGlass ceiling
Question 46 (2 points) Question 46 Unsaved
What is roughly the proportion of all U.S. organizations using some form of drug testing?

Question 46 options:10%15%One-fourthHalfTwo-thirds
Question 47 (2 points) Question 47 Unsaved
Which of the following is stated as an unfair union labor practice for unions under the Taft-Hartley Act?

Question 47 options:Restrain or coerce employees in joining the union or coerce the employer in selecting bargaining or grievance representativesDiscriminate against an employee to whom the union membership has been denied or to cause an employer to discriminate against an employeeEngage in strikes and boycotts for purposes deemed illegal by the actCollective BargainingObtain compensation for services not performed or not to be performed
Question 48 (2 points) Question 48 Unsaved
Which of the following is a management function?

Question 48 options:PlanningOrganizingDownsizingLeadingControlling
Question 49 (2 points) Question 49 Unsaved
The contingent workforce consists of all of the following types of employees except _______.

Question 49 options:temporary employeescontract employeesjust-in-time workerscore employeesconsultants
Question 50 (2 points) Question 50 Unsaved
Sonia is a compensation analyst for a large government agency. She reviews grades that have been established by skills, knowledge, and abilities. What job evaluation method is Sonia using?

Question 50 options:ClassificationOrderingPoint methodRankingBARS
Question 51 (2 points) Question 51 Unsaved
The _____________________________ establishes procedures for public companies regarding how they handle and report their financial picture.

Question 51 options:The Financial Reporting ActThe Government Finance ActThe Rebus Financial ActThe Gronow Reporting ActThe Sarbanes-Oxley Act
Question 52 (2 points) Question 52 Unsaved
Which of the following is a law affecting employee rights?

Question 52 options:The Privacy ActThe Drug-Free Workplace ActThe Fair Credit Reporting ActThe Fairness in Employment ActThe Polygraph Protection Act
Question 53 (2 points) Question 53 Unsaved
Today, the percentage of women in the United States that hold senior management positions are:

Question 53 options:50%29%23%15%
Question 54 (2 points) Question 54 Unsaved
Which of the following piece of legislation provides for continued employee benefits up to three years after an employee leaves a job?

Question 55 (2 points) Question 55 Unsaved
Which of the following act allows employees to retain their employer-offered health insurance coverage while taking unpaid leave for family matters?

Question 55 options:Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993.Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1991.Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.Pregnancy Discrimination Act of 1978.
Question 56 (2 points) Question 56 Unsaved
What is the Federal minimum wage?

Question 56 options:$4.15 per hour$7.25 per hour$7.15 per hour$9.15 per hour$10.15 per hour
Question 57 (2 points) Question 57 Unsaved
A security company instituted a 5’10’’ height requirement as a condition of employment for security guards. Such a height requirement is likely to create:

Question 57 options:a disparate adverse impact.a bona fide occupational impact.a reverse discrimination effect.a reverse treatment effect.
Question 58 (2 points) Question 58 Unsaved
HR professionals are confronted with all of the challenges that accompany a recession except:

Question 58 options:LayoffsRetraining employeesChange in benefitsMorale amongst employeesThe ability to attract and hire better qualified people
Question 59 (2 points) Question 59 Unsaved
Your neighbor, Dwayne, hasn’t worked in the past five years. He fell from a truck at work and hurt his back and leg. He draws 60% of his salary. Under what benefit plan is Dwayne covered?

Question 59 options:WellnessKeoughJordanShort-term disabilityLong-term disability
Question 60 (2 points) Question 60 Unsaved
Which of the following is an external influence that affects HRM?

Question 60 options:Labor unionsLaws and regulationsJob designDynamic environmentTechnology
Question 61 (2 points) Question 61 Unsaved
Which of the following is a country that values individualism?

Question 61 options:ColombiaNew ZealandJapanVenezuelaPhilippines
Question 62 (2 points) Question 62 Unsaved
Melvin invests $2400 of his pre-tax earnings into an account each year. The money grows tax-free, and he can withdraw the money tax free when he reaches a certain age. What kind of retirement program does Melvin have?

Question 62 options:Scanlon PlanIndividual Retirement AccountDefined benefit planProfit sharing plan405©3
Question 63 (2 points) Question 63 Unsaved
Which of the following is a reason why employees join unions?

Question 63 options:Higher wages and benefitsGreater job securityGreater individual incentivesInfluence over work rulesCompulsory membership

Question 64 (2 points) Question 64 Unsaved
How many times are the base salaries of executives in the United States higher than those of low-level managers or operative personnel?

Question 64 options:10 times50 times100 times400 times1,000 times
Question 65 (2 points) Question 65 Unsaved
Which of the following is an impasse-resolution technique?

Question 65 options:ConciliationMediationLockoutFact-findingInterest arbitration

Question 66 (2 points) Question 66 Unsaved
During a meeting Julandre, a top executive at XYZ, Inc. made a presentation about the organizational strengths that represent the firm’s unique skills and resources. Julandre insisted that these organizational strengths should give XYZ, Inc, a competitive edge in the future. What was Julandre referring to in this meeting?

Question 66 options:The mission statement of the company.The strategic statement of the company.The strategic planning process of the company.The core strategy of the company.The core competency of the company.
Question 67 (2 points) Question 67 Unsaved
Although there is no standard format for job descriptions, a common format for a job de3scription includes all of the following except:

Question 67 options:Job salaryJob identificationJob specificationsJob duties or essential functionsJob Title
Question 68 (2 points) Question 68 Unsaved
The steps of the strategic planning process, in order, are:

Question 68 options:Strategy, structure, goals, mission.Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats.Mission, goals, people, strategyGoals, strategy, structure, people.Planning, organizing, leading, controlling
Question 69 (2 points) Question 69 Unsaved
Which of the following states the minimum acceptable qualifications that the incumbent must possess to perform the job successfully?

Question 69 options:Job descriptionJob analysisJob-morphingJob specificationSWOT analysis
Question 70 (2 points) Question 70 Unsaved
Which of the following is not an external source of job candidates?

Question 70 options:Employment agenciesUnsolicited applicationsEmployee referralsBlind-box adProfessional organizations
Question 71 (2 points) Question 71 Unsaved
Which of the following is a step in a job analysis process?

Question 71 options:Understand the purpose of the job analysis.Understand the roles of jobs in the organization.Benchmark positions.Determine the pay level of jobs.Determine how to collect job analysis information.
Question 72 (2 points) Question 72 Unsaved
Ishmael works for OSHA. He is testing chair heights and arm rest angles to minimize back strain at computer work stations. What area of standard setting is involved?

Question 72 options:Bloodborne pathogensEmergency preparednessChemical processing standardsMotor vehicle safetyErgonomics
Question 73 (2 points) Question 73 Unsaved
The O*NET system describes all of the following :

Question 73 options:Supervisor requirements.Worker requirementsExperience requirements.Workforce characteristics.Occupational requirements.
Question 74 (2 points) Question 74 Unsaved
Which of the following is a psychological symptom of stress?

Question 74 options:Increased anxietyMore relaxed stateHeightened attention to detailIncreased smokingHigher blood pressure
Question 75 (2 points) Question 75 Unsaved
Which of the following is the government agency that researches and sets OSHA standards?


Question 76 (2 points) Question 76 Unsaved
What is the best job analysis method?

Question 76 options:Diary methodTechnical conference methodIndividual interview methodObservation methodThere is no one best job analysis method
Question 77 (2 points) Question 77 Unsaved
Is the job description important for ADA compliance?

Question 77 options:Yes. It provides salary ranges.No. It was made illegal with Title IX.Yes. It identifies essential job functions.No. It is superseded by replacement charts.Yes. It identifies the reporting to structure.
Question 78 (2 points) Question 78 Unsaved
Michelle is a new employee at Company RST. She is stressed because she is unclear as to what she should do on the job. What is the cause of Yvonne’s stress?

Question 78 options:Role ambiguityRole overloadLack of role modelRole conflictsLack of assertiveness

Question 79 (2 points) Question 79 Unsaved
Dion conducted a job analysis for a large manufacturing firm. His results had to be verified with another technique because typical behaviors were not recorded and his notes included comments about “Hawthorne.”  What technique did Dion use?

Question 79 options:Diary.Replacement chart.Forced choice comparisons.Structured questionnaire.Observation.
Question 80 (2 points) Question 80 Unsaved
Which of the following is true regarding recruiting?

Question 80 options:It is fairly easy to generate a pool of qualified candidates. People always need jobs.An effective recruiting process requires a significant pool of candidates to choose from.The greater the number of applicants, the better the chances of finding an individual who is best suited to the job requirements.A good recruiting program should attract the qualified and discourage the unqualified.Recruiting is the process of seeking sources for job candidates.

Question 81 (1 point) Question 81 Unsaved
Large companies are increasingly finding more cost-effective to share their HRM services among the divisions.

Question 81 options:TrueFalse
Question 82 (1 point) Question 82 Unsaved
Part-time employees are those employees who work fewer than 40 hours a week.

Question 82 options:TrueFalse
Question 83 (1 point) Question 83 Unsaved
Employee involvement is being phased out in most organizations that are competitive in the 21st century.

Question 83 options:TrueFalse
Question 84 (1 point) Question 84 Unsaved
. Elton Mayo is often regarded as the father of scientific management.

Question 84 options:TrueFalse
Question 85 (1 point) Question 85 Unsaved
Organizational development is the part of HRM that addresses system wide change in the organization.

Question 85 options:TrueFalse
Question 86 (1 point) Question 86 Unsaved
Workforce diversity refers to the varied personal characteristics that make the workforce heterogeneous.

Question 86 options:TrueFalse
Question 87 (1 point) Question 87 Unsaved
The staffing function is used to provide motivation in most technology based organizations.

Question 87 options:TrueFalse
Question 88 (1 point) Question 88 Unsaved
Multinational corporations became common place in the mid-1960s.

Question 88 options:TrueFalse
Question 89 (1 point) Question 89 Unsaved
According to the Pulitzer Prize winning New York Times author, Thomas Friedman, there are four eras of globalization.

Question 89 options:TrueFalse
Question 90 (1 point) Question 90 Unsaved
In OD, intergroup development is used to build cohesion within work groups.

Question 90 options:TrueFalse

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