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Male erection is an example of ______. No thought or emotion is required for it to occur, but conscious control can influence it ?

A.peripheral nerves

B.sensory nerves

C.a spinal reflex

D.a sexual reflex


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Mario gets up bed in the morning and , without thinking about it, walks to the kitchen to start the coffee. The action of walking to the kitchen was acrried out by :

A.the central nervous system

B.motor nerves

C.sensory nerves

D.autonomic nervous system


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Janet’s boss calls her into office to discuss why she failed to complete his project for the big meeting this afternoon. Janet’s sympathetic nervous system: professional .

A.makes her thoughts race for an excuse

B.makes her start to perspire

C.enables her to walk in upright

D.slows down her breathing , so she can appear relaxed and


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_________play(s) the most important role in making sure neurons can function effectively.

A.The cell body



D.Glia cells


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Neurons receive communication through dendrites which act as antennae.Transmitting these intial messages to other neurons is the function of the :

A.cell body 





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Loss of the myelin sheath can lead to :

A.increased sensation

B.increased conduction of neutral impulses

C.erratic nerve signals



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Learning and memory researchers have discovered that : exercise only maintains existing cells. curve which new cells do not change ?

A.physical exercise promotes new cell growth, while mental

B.stem cells can divide and mature throughout adulthood

C.age is the biggest limiting factor in the creation of new cells

D.memory can improve with repetition, but learning has a


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Cassandra’s brain may never generate new stem cells because she ?


B.drinks obese

D.eats fatty foods


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If it happens that a neurotransmitter binds to a receptor site and produces a negative voltage shift, the probability:

A.that the neurons are densely connected decreases.

B.of an excitatory response increase

C.that the receiving neuron will fire decreases.

D.that the transmitting neuron will fire increases.


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A tragedy hits a small town. The elementary school explods into flames trapping several classes of second graders.Because the volunteer fire department will take too long to get there, teachers and classified staff removes all the children to safety without considering the danger to themselves. During this crisis, the rescuer’s ______level must have been at all time high.






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The brain can be studied by using ?

A.electrical, biochemical, and magnetic means frequencies, computers, and neurotransmission

C.neutransmitting, electrical , and biochemical means.

D.biochemical, neurotransmitting, and magnetic means


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EEG, PET, and TMS are all : into the study. analysis.

A.laboratory observations that introduce experimenter bias

B.descriptive methods for studying the brain

C.standardized methods for studying the brain

D.experimentally controlled technologies for brain-wave


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You go to a party feeling unsure of yourself. When you get there, you feel anxious but aren’t sure why. You see a good friend you don’t know would be there and your anxiety recedes. You decide everything will be okay and start to relax. The part of your brain working hardest during this process is the :

A.parietal lobe.


C.pituitary gland

D.cerebral cortex.


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TomAs is a middle-aged man who , over the last year, has had trouble learning new job-related skills. In addition, he can’t seem to recall details like he used to. TomAs goes to a neurologist who is concerned that his patient might : drinking too much developing epilepsy

C.have problems related to his hippocampus

D.have problems related to his hypothalamus.


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A message therapist stimulates the body, which in turn stimulates the :

A.parietal lobe

B.temporal lobe

C.pituitary gland

D.prefrontal cortex


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Sam can’t decide if he should go to the grocery store, even though all he has left is one can of beans. Finally , he decides to go at 11 p.m. He becomes irate with the checkout girl because the deli closed at 10 o’clock. He calls his daughter the next morning, but can’t remember what he just ate for breakfast. Sam may have had a stroke to the :

A.frontal lobe


C.temoral lobe

D.parietal lobe


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One part of the brain, if stimulated during adolescene, will form two distinct regions. This area of the brain is referred to as :

A.the ocipital lobes

B.the pituitary glands

C.Broca’s area

D.the parietal lobe


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After a serious head injury, Lucy has lost her sensitivity to hot and cold. Therefore , she can no longer work in a kitchen because she’s afraid she might burn herself. More than likely, there was damage to her :




D.Parietal lobe.


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The left hemisphere of the brain contains regions that are :

A.associated with negative emotions, such as fear and sadness when language is processed

C.associated with the tendency to withdraw from others during the creation of art and music.


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At a cocktail party, a neurologist overhears a few men commenting that they think with the left side of thier brains, the analytical and rational side. Thier wives, they say, use the right side of the brain, which makes them more intuitive and emotional. The neurologist laughs and says, “is that why men get lost when driving? They refuse to use the ________ side of the brain to read a map, because they’re afraid it will make them ______.”

A.right; less emotional

B.left; less analytical

C.right; too feminine

D.left; too intuitive





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