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[SOLVED] SOCW 6070 responses two colleagues separate responses

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SOCW 6070 responses two colleagues separate responses 

Respond by to at least two colleagues in one of the following ways:

Compare the greatest challenge your colleague has identified to the one you posted.

Explain whether you think your colleague’s strategy for addressing the situation is likely to be effective and why.

Support with references


Northouse, P. G. (2021). Introduction to leadership: Concepts and practice (5th ed.). Washington, DC: Sage.

Chapter 1, “Understanding Leadership” (pp. 1–24)

Chapter 2, “Recognizing Your Traits” (pp. 26–54)

Chapter 5, “Developing Leadership Skills” (pp. 127-158)

Lauffer, A. (2011). Understanding your social agency (3rd ed.). Washington, DC: Sage.

Chapter 3, “Role Playing and Group Membership” (pp. 70–98)

Peers Posts

angela slaughter 

RE: Discussion – Week 2

Top of Form

Analysis/Leadership Skills

The Supervisor’s duties at the Phoenix House consist of managing a staff of four full-time social workers and two social work interns from a local university while overseeing boys and girls between the ages of 11 and 14 with juvenile and behavioral issue’s (Plummer, 2013, p. 82), Also, the supervisor have an ethical responsibility to attend to the needs and concerns of followers (Northouse, 2013, p. 6).

The Senior social worker portrayed effective leadership skills by effectively listening while engaging with the counselor and her subordinate’s concerns. She followed through talking with David’s mother and responded appropriately addressing the situation. She also communicated back with the team effectively about Daniel’s mother’s concerns. With the supervisor implementing conceptual skills in practice can help the connection of the team and assist decide what is the best route with Daniel and his mother Northouse (2020) states, “A leader with conceptual skills can conceive and communicate the ideas that shape an organization from its goals and mission to how to best solve problems” (p. 109).

Identify which aspect of this situation would be most challenging for you if you were the supervisor

I would find it most challenging, finding policies and procedures to back me up before talking with Daniel’s mother to make sure it is handled professionally. Knowing that Daniel’s mother was adamant in the previous call that he stays in the program because the program is beneficial to the child. The program is about positive interactions and positive results. The number one priority would be looking out for the welfare of the child.  This program would not adversely affect the child. The child only had one offense. Reviewing the rules and regulations help familiarize with the agency instructions and makes a supervisor “aware of an ethical, legal, or procedural violation that could give rise to a formal complaint or in some way harm the agency or its clients” must be efficient in using its resources (Sheafor & Horejsi, 2014, p. 537).

Explain how you would use leadership skills to proceed if you were the supervisor.

If I was the supervisor, I would use conceptual skills. These skills will be used to proceed with “(1) problem-solving, (2) strategic planning, and (3) creating vision” (Northouse, 2020, p. 109). Also, articulating a vision and describing it to the team stirs motivation to consider and develop effective strategies for a group or an organization can help with setting challenging goals motivates people to accomplish a mission” (Northouse, 2020, p.111, 168). Also, Having this skill “encourages one to approach situations in ways in which the entire organization works as one to achieve its goals work with others and empower “(p. 169). All my actions would be based on the standard and procedures and would not be based on personal ambiguity. A social agency must be efficient in using its resources, yet provide appropriate and adequate services to meet the needs of its clients (Sheafor, 2014, p. 45).


Northouse, P. G. (2013). Leadership; Theory and practice (6th ed.). Los Angeles: Sage Publications

Northouse, P. G.  (2020). Introduction to Leadership,  5th Edition. [[VitalSource Bookshelf version]].  Retrieved from vbk://9781544351629

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Second peer

diamond jacobs 

RE: Discussion – Week 2

Post an analysis of the supervisor’s role in the Phoenix House case study and identify leadership skills that might help the supervisor resolve the issue.

An analysis of the supervisor’s role in the Phoenix House is to make sure the program is running smoothly and that the supervisors and interns are doing their job. Not to be a micro-manager but to make sure they are providing the type of excellence to the clients where they leave with something new each day. When handling the Daniel case, the supervisor should have listened to Sarah and Jim concerns but also had a discussion with Daniel about what is going on and how to correct it. Daniel had a right to be in the program because his mom enrolled him in the program, she felt as though it would benefit him. This was his first time getting in trouble so there should be another consequence for the situation.

Some leadership skills that might help resolve issues in the Phoenix House is empowerment, being warm, encouragement, clarification, and advocating. These skills will go well with helping Daniel with the future of the Phoenix House because the supervisors and the intern need to provide encouragement and empowerment, they do not know what is going on and especially if it is his first time. Daniel needs to have someone advocate for him and not kick him out if he is the one being bullied.

Identify which aspect of this situation would be most challenging for you if you were the supervisor.

The aspect of this situation that would be challenging to me as the supervisor would be allowing myself and my staff to want to kick Daniel out the program. Even after speaking with staff and they have said the program is a positive aspect in his life. Also, finding out that he could be getting bullied. As the supervisor, working with the family and providing positive schooling for the students is benefit.

Finally, explain how you would use leadership skills to proceed if you were the supervisor.

Leadership skills as a supervisor should be used to create a vision, raising expectation and inspiring others to love the job they do (Northouse, 2021). As a supervisor and being that person individuals can learn from and look up to is beneficial. Staff, interns and other supervisors look up to positive influence and leadership.


Northouse, P. G. (2021). Introduction to leadership: Concepts and practice (5th ed.). Washington, DC: Sage. Chapter 1, “Understanding Leadership” (pp. 1–24)

Plummer, S.-B., Makris, S., & Brocksen, S. M. (Eds.). (2014b). Social work case studies: Concentration year. Baltimore, MD: Laureate International Universities Publishing. “Social Work Supervision, Leadership, and Administration: The Phoenix House” (pp. 82–84)Bottom of Form

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