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[SOLVED] The flordia project film and the mango street story

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For paper #2, I’d like you to compare the use of “scenes” in The Florida Project and The House on Mango Street, and say HOW scenes work in place of a traditional “plot.”


Both the film and short novel don’t have much of a “plot.”  But as we’ve discussed (and the Sean Baker explains), sometimes “underrepresented stories” need to be told IN NEW WAYS…. it’s your job to show these ways AND how they work…

What to do.

1) I’d like us to write a 5 page essay (not including images) that does the following things:

a) A brief introduction that summarizes your argument about–what’s the point? IF these works don’t have traditional plot, how do you think the “scenes” function to ADD up / reveal something about these characters/and their world. (Write this/revise this after writing the entire essay). IT should be a summary statement (short) guide to the essay.

b) In a short paragraph or two, overview the similarities between The Florida Project and the selections from The House on Mango Street (first chapters) that we read. This comparison should emphasize how the stories are told (through scenes–without direct plot) and WHY underrepresented stories need NEW WAYS of telling…

Remember to QUOTE from the BAKER argument/video at least once during this essay

c) The next section: 

Drawing on BLOG 1 and BLOG 2 last week (revised!!!), choose TWO Scenes from The Florida Project and do AN ANATOMY OF A SCENE analysis that shows HOW the scenes WORK to reveal character, their imagination, and their world. 

BE Specific. Talk about style / choices THE SAME WAY Baker does in Anatomy of a Scene below.

Remember: Include an image from each of the scenes that you’re talking about. You can talk directly about the image, or use it as a way of referring to your scene.

d) Finally, choose a “scene” from MANGO Street to discuss in depth. How does the author Cisneros–LIKE A FILM DIRECTOR!–avoid drawn out plot…. BUT EFFECTIVELY creates a sense of character and place in the film.  Be Specific. Speak of metaphor, imagery, voice in exploring this idea.


Mango Street here:

this is blog one and blog two 

Blog 03/18/2021

In the film Scene from “ The Project Flim,” he went into great detail on why the shot of the manager. He said because of the sky and the way the camera was looking up at him it made him look like a hero. This was true because before this scene you can clearly see people being mad over the fact that the power went off. To stop this he goes and fixes the problem and everyone praises him and he himself feels like he’s a hero. The director also puts a camera where you can see the motel clearly. When Moone and her friends started to fool around in the room they’re not supposed to, they turn off the power. Because of the camera showing the motel, it gives the movie more life because you can see people coming out of the doors. This plays a big part in the setting.

Character development was pretty much a big thing in this movie. The movie goes to the kids that are just having fun and burning up condos to hardships in their parts. It captures the laughs and the struggle Moone’s mother had to face. From getting cheaper deals on perfume to sell in order for her to pay rent to scamming a man for 400 dollars. It shows how Moone had to beat her friend Ashely for calling her a whore while the camera shows Ashely’s child watching all of this. This scene just shows how raw life can be for children.

Blog 3/21/21

P 56 Halley and Moonee take swimsuit selfies, Moonee takes photos of Halley in sexy poses

The importance of this scene is you clearly see that this is not a mother and daughter relationship. Is more like a sister and sister relationship. Which can cause some bumps in the road. Moone doesn’t really respect her mother by the tune of voice she uses. When Moone was eating pizza she wiped her hand on her pillow, Moone’s mom corrected her and she said, “This is my pillow.” Something has to change or Moonee will go down the same path as Halley. 

P 81–83 Halley goes to ask Ashley to help her with the rent. Ashley tells her everyone knows she’s been “whoring out.” shows her swimsuit selfie photos she has on her ad. Halley physically attacks Ashley and beats her in the face. She leaves, realizing Scooty has seen. She runs to her room and vomits. Moonee watches

This scene was very crazy. The director’s choice of having Scott looking at the fight while the camera guy is shooting clearly showing that Scotty is watching his mother getting beat up by Halley. In my opinion, I felt like this was the start of a traumatic experience for Scotty. You have to understand it from Scotty’s perspective. Ashley and Halley were best friends and Halley beating her up was just not okay. 

P 1–3 MOONEE, SCOOTY and DICKY run to adjacent motel Futureland to check out the new arrivals. Game of who can spit furthest on the car from balcony. GRANDMA STACY and kids JANCEY and LUCI catch them, kids run away laughing. STACY is mad

I feel like this was such a great scene to start off the movie. You just see three children being kids causing chaos. Just catches the attention of the viewers. I feel like because of this scene we see a great majority of the characters. We see the manger, Moone, Scotty, Dicky, Jancey, and her grandmother. It’s the start of Moonee and Jancey friendship and we also see what kind of mother Halley is. Once she found out what the kids were up to she didn’t take it as serious or punished them she took it as a joke. Jancey grandmother is so mad, but Halley takes it very calm like no care in the world. Moonee and Scotty starts realizing they’re getting tired so they ask Jancey for help and she agreed. Making her grandmother yell at her and Halley once again giving her the I don’t care attitude.

this is the mango street story

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