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[SOLVED] The Significance of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

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The Significance of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

The unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are specially built aircraft that can fly with no pilots on board. These flight vehicles can be flown through remote-controlled technology or fly autonomously using the pre-programmed logic that is created on-board. As with most of the technological advancements today, the use of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles was first pioneered by the military. While most of the drones as we know them today came into the spotlight at the onset of the 21st Century the concept of remotely-operated flying machines has been in existence from as long before the first world war. The forerunner to what we have as the unmanned aircraft of the 21st century was an Austrian balloon that was used in the Siege of the Italian City called Venice in the year 1849 (Barker, 145-154). The balloons were loaded with explosives and launched from a ship docked on the river banks near Venice. The wind was used as a medium to fly the balloons which would be triggered to explode using electromagnetism by a lone copper wire. The idea was a limited success due to the unpredictable nature of the weather patterns and wind direction. However, despite the rudimentary nature of the concept, it remained suitable for further development. When the World War I broke, Archibald Low, an author and an English consulting engineer experimented with the first ever radio-controlled airplane named the Ruston Proctor Aerial Target. (Hodgkinson, David & Rebecca, 16).

The Unmanned Aerial vehicles, popularly referred to as drones come in various trims based on the function they were manufactured to perform. Military grade drones are mainly manufactured for the purpose of carrying out reconnaissance missions and intelligence gathering. However, since the year 2004, the assignment help US military has increasingly explored the use of drones for carrying out attacks on terrorist groups. Nonetheless, the advancement in technology has also led to widespread usage of drones for various purposes. Drones are now increasingly being used by the civilian populations for various functions such as commercial filmmaking, Oil, gas, and mineral exploration, means of transportation as well as other recreational uses such as in windsurfing.

It is an unquestionable fact from the few mentioned uses above that drones have brought immense benefits and transformed the way human beings carry out various activities. The focal point of this work will be the importance of using technology in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles. Technological industry leaders are yet to realize the full potential of using UAVs in various facets of life because there is still widespread doubt of the capabilities of such devices. The legal and ethical restrictions also continue to suppress the usage of an amazing world of possibilities that drones can open to the human beings. The main form of opposition to the advancement and uses of drone technology emanates from ethical conservatives and the law. However, whereas I believe that the existing legal restrictions that govern the various uses of drones are meant to protect the people from irresponsible use of drones, I wish to challenge these restrictions because the technological advancements have continually moved at a pace that the legal amendments have not been able to catch up. For instance, in accordance with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, a person must obtain a remote pilot certificate from an FAA approved institution before he or she can operate a drone. The current advanced graphical user interfaces on modern remote controllers have eased the way drones can be operated. This eliminates the need to attend a training session and having to obtain a drone operating certificate for the users (Rupprecht, 35). 

The unmanned aerial vehicles were primarily created for use in military applications alone. The pioneering applications for the drones were one of the highly classified military operations. A search in the mega-trends of the UAV usage can be traced back to the 19 40s and even earlier. The US and French military worked on the development of Unmanned flying planes during the first world war. This was followed by the usage of drones by the military to deliver war messages, to drop bombs in enemy territory and to gather intelligence. The advancement in the technology used to develop these military drones has many benefits. For example, it is now possible to carry out reconnaissance into hostile territory without risking the lives of the pilot. Additionally, since drones are computer controlled, tasks such as dropping of bombs on enemy territory can be seamlessly executed without risking the life of the pilot.

The FAA also set legal regulations that limit civilian usage of drones to recreational use alone. This limitation has curbed the exploration into viable commercial uses of drones. The usage of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles should be highly encouraged especially amongst the civilian populations. The amount of time consumed by activities such as going to the department stores to do shopping can be saved by the use of drones. Customers can give online orders to the store attendants and the requested goods can be ferried to the customer’s address using drones. The available technology supports the development of drones with advanced capabilities such as GPS technology and laser beaming which can be remotely controlled by a central computer server. The advent of devices such as quadcopters which have the capability to carry more heavy goods can also be considered more advantageous by the users. This implies that an entire household shopping list can be ferried in a single quadcopter transportation to the client’s home address. This method of using unmanned aerial vehicles is very efficient in reducing the amount of time that could be wasted by shoppers in traffic jams or queuing up at the department store waiting to be served coursework writing service. Another valuable resource that could be saved and used more efficiently if the unmanned aerial vehicles are used this way is the parking space in public spaces. People will not have to drive all the way to the stores in order to do their shopping. This can be conveniently done on the smartphone device in the comfort of your home.

The usage of drones based on the Obama administration’s defense plan in 2013 was to have an increase in the number of drones in global warfare that involves the United States of America. This was a laudable move by the government in support of the application of technology. Contrary to the argument that technology has impeded the level of social interactions among human beings, this was an instance where technology has helped to strengthen family bonds. Instead of having to send large numbers of military troops into war zones and separating them from their families, the drones can be sent to carry out the peacekeeping missions with a minimal number of combat troops. On the economic front, the drones can also replace the number of military ships and planes that would have been deployed in the warfare. In addition to keeping families of most of the servicemen and women connected, the drones also help to put fewer people in harm’s way hence saving more lives. The largely anti-war population within the US is also kept happy as a result of such as decision. 

In some instances where troops have been deployed on the ground in the war zones, drones can also be a form of protection for the soldiers. The high-resolution cameras that are built in the drones can be used to scour the combat zones for any formidable threats from enemies. The advancement in the drone technology has also led to the addition of scanning capabilities within drones which enables them to detect the weapons such as remotely triggered bombs that might be placed within the battlegrounds. Such advancements in technology have helped to keep people safer and closer to each other. Deployment on a military mission can also be used as a period of bonding for the servicemen. Staying alive through a combat mission strengthens the long-lasting social connections among the servicemen and women even after retirement from active duty.

The usage of drone technology in other fields has also been a tool for enhancing social relationships among people. For instance, during the filming of motion pictures by filmmakers. The camera crew and cast members often have highly interactive moments during the filmmaking process. The drones are now being increasingly integrated into the film-making industry due to their ability to offer highly dynamic shots that are intriguing to the audience. Moreover, most drones are primarily equipped with a camera(s) alongside the parts that enable them to fly such as rotor blades. This essentially makes them an ideal tool for videography even among non-professional filmmakers. This also promotes human socialization because filmmaking is an activity that requires a lot of teamwork.

Drone technology is also being tested for the possibility to be used as a convenient method for offering quick transportation of people within short distances such as busy cities in different parts of the world. This can be used to ease the congestion that occurs due to traffic jams. An additional advantage of using drones as a means of transportation is that it is friendly to the environment because drones utilize electric energy to function. The increased usage of drones for this function can reduce the number of carbon emissions that are released into the environment by fuel-based vehicles. The technology is already in the testing phase in cities such as Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and Beijing, China. 

UAVs are also increasingly becoming important in security keeping within the business premises. For instance, in Japan, there are security drones within malls which are programmed to automatically follow a thief who has shoplifted in the shopping mall while alerting the police simultaneously. In addition, drones can be deployed to carry out inspection within the cell towers. This reduces the risk of security guard attacks by inmates or prison violence incidences.

Opposition Arguments writing services

However, from an ethical point of view, there are critics of the use of this technological marvel, especially in warfare. The argument is that the use of unmanned systems makes the ability of any country to undertake warfare too easy. This is because there is almost no risk to the armed forces of any particular country that opts to engage in warfare that employs the use of Unmanned warcraft. There is also an argument that the persistent presence of these drones lurking in the remote villages and towns of the potential targets of opportunity that could be leading to the rising number of casualties especially in war tone countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan. However, it is overwhelmingly transparent that the CIA views drone strikes as an integral part of its anti-terrorism campaigns. This is based on the number of terrorist extremists who have been executed through drone strikes in the recent past. Nonetheless, the US Department of security has persistently refused to admit this fact based on the legal and ethical controversies that still oppose the usage of unmanned aircraft. I believe this is the time to streamline the legal framework surrounding the issue and to carry out extensive civil awareness in regard to the usage of the drones in combating global security threats such as terrorism. There is absolutely no sound argument that that can justify risking the lives of our servicemen and women in war zones when there exists advanced technology that can carry out the same responsibility with more accuracy and less risk to human life of the law-abiding citizens in the affected regions.

There is also a predominant public opinion that the drone technology is still nascent and should not be deployed on a large-scale basis in the various facets of human life, especially on the military front. I wish to point out that from the ancient times of human history, the desire to emerge victorious in a war campaign with minimal or no casualties has always the goal of every side that is involved in the war. In the modern world, it is virtually unthinkable to attempt to win a war without embracing the latest advances in technology. The usage of guns prevailed in warfare because the soldiers could take out enemies from a safe distance. Drones can perform a similar function from an even greater distance which implies that the employment of technology in war guarantees more safety to the soldiers.

One of the most controversial subjects in the use of drones is the infringement on people’s right to privacy. Drones can be used to carry out stealth surveillance on people which violates the privacy of such individuals. However, if the users can adhere to privacy regulations and use them within the confines of fair usage, drones can open the doors to a wide range of possibilities which will enable human beings to live a safer, comfortable and more fulfilling life. 


Technological advancements exist as means to solve the problems that face human beings in various aspects of life. Drones can assist with logistical functions within the transport, security, construction industry or many more. Drones are efficient mechanisms of security aims and other commercial systems. With appropriate improvements in both legal and technical areas, the UAVs are expected to provide one of the finest delivery systems to mankind as well as boost human interactions through technology. The amount of time taken to deliver goods to the customers while the cost of doing the delivery will be significantly reduced. 

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The Ultimate Marketing Machine

Since the advent of brand management more than four decades ago, the field of marketing has been very dynamic yet this has not been reflected in the number of organizational changes as expected. Most Chief Marketing Officers are grappling with changing the existing structures by attempting to overhaul the outdated organizational charts. However, the big question remains how the new organizational chart should look like. In an attempt to answer this question most marketing leaders have overlooked the fundamental principles that should guide brand management. These include the values that guide brand strategy, capabilities that drive marketing excellence as well as structures of working that will support them. 

A study undertaken by marketing 2020 on more than 10,000 marketers from 92 different countries reveals that they have varying organizational data analytic capabilities, brand strategies, global and cross-functional interactions as well as diverse approaches to worker engagement. The study compared the responses from two organizational categories of marketers classified as high-performing marketers and low-performing organizations. Most high performing institutions have shared principles because regardless of how marketers deliver their messages to customers, the essential human motivations that marketers should satisfy remain constant. 

The journal also reveals that high-performing marketers often utilize a set of traits that enable them to market their brands effectively and get the best outcome for their organizations. One of the most crucial traits in modern marketing is having a distinguished ability in utilizing customer data. Having big data offers a deeper insight into consumer behavior. The information is useful in the evaluation of consumer demands and specifications so that the organization can strategize on how to effectively meet those demands. Another important trait is purposeful positioning best assignment help. The organization needs to excel at engaging customers and inspiring its employees to embody the ideals of the brand image. This sets a unique identity that could be the distinguishing factor to set the company apart from its competitors. In addition, enhancing the value of the products by creating a unique customer experience through activities such as sending personalized messages and product recommendations also enhances the effectiveness of marketing. 

Marketing is also increasingly becoming an integral part of the entire organization. Therefore, leaving it to marketers alone is no longer an option because it has become a holistic part of the organizations. Based on research conducted by marketing2020, organizational effectiveness is driven by five key pillars; connecting, inspiring, focusing, organizing for agility and building capabilities. A seamless customer experience is gained by integrating these key pillars into marketing, as well as business strategy and the organization in general.

Traditionally, marketing has often been dominated by generalists. However, the advent of digital media and social networks has led to the emergence of new roles that call for specialization. Roles such as native content editors and digital privacy analysts have emerged as some of the specialist roles due to the rise of digital marketing. The diversification of specialist roles has led to the categorization of marketing roles into three broad categories; think marketers, feel marketers and do marketers.

Based on the three categories of marketing, I would like to be a part of the think marketing team in an organization such as Unilever. I would enjoy being engaged as a marketing data analyst. This provides a perfect opportunity to understand the needs of the customers and be in a position to offer creative suggestions while working hand in hand with concept creators. To be in a position to meet customer demands is an incredible opportunity to utilize personal skills for the greater good of the society and mankind. 


Van den Driest, F., & Weed, K. (2014). The ultimate marketing machine. Harvard Business Review, 92, 54-63.

Book Review


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The Decolonization of Africa

Book Review

The book The Decolonization of Africa by David Birmingham argues in summary that the act of colonizing Africa was not an instantaneous matter but rather a matter of slow process. The book describes it in its introductory pages that David was a traveler in Africa and that is the reason why he came to find out so much about the African continent and its rich history, the residents to whom he dedicates the book. The book further expounds that the act of decolonizing Africa acted as a relevant catalyst for other parts of the world to have civil movements to advocate for mass change, includingAmerica. The author describes it as; one of the turning points in the history of the post war world. “It was an act that ignited passions for self-rule and independence in idealists all over the world who saw it as a reason for advocating for racial equality.

The act of decolonizing Africa also brought about many nationalistic figures including Kwame Nkrumah in Ghana and Nelson Mandela in South Africa. These young and energetic African leaders were inspired by their counterparts including Martin Luther King in America and Jawaharlal Nehru who had been elected the prime minister of India after India had gained independence. These was the same situation in many Asian countries and therefore inspired the Africans to seek for the same for themselves. The process of colonization had begun in 1885 in Berlin where seven countries namely Portugal,Spain,Italy,Germany,Belgium,France and Berlin. Thesecountries divided up the land among themselves into territories that were eventually to become the nations of Africatoday. The problem however is that the land in question was in the hands of Africans and they had not been consulted in the matter. The book states that the western nations….” sent small armies into Africa to help turn the boundaries into frontiers on the ground…”The people who resisted were fought and subdued by the newcomers academic writing website.

The book presents an interesting read into the world of post-world war Africa and how it inspired the act of colonization. The factthat revolutionary world leaders back then stood with each other during times of strife also gives one a sense of inspiration. It teaches one that no matter how much trouble you are in there is always someone who is willing to help and ensure better results.Dr.Martin Luther King was caught up in the civil rights movement which eventually cost him his life and it was not a widely known fact just how much they connected with other African leaders for their support. The black man in Africa and America was going through some tough times. In Africa they were under strict military rule with some colonies being declared as “protectorates” by the western countries that ruled them. 

InAmerica, therewas the case of the Tuskegee Syphilis studyfor instance which more than bore the theme of racial segregation. The study was conducted by the United States Public Health Service and unfairly sought to find out the effects of untreated syphilis in black males at the time. This was regardless of a breakout drug known as penicillin that was quite a popular antibiotic at that time. The story even goes further to reveal that the drug was deliberately prevented from reaching the men involved in the experiment and resulted in the deaths of around 28 or more men losing their life as a result of burning lesions.

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